Educational Environment

Accademia di Montessori is a small Long Day Preschool. A feature of the Preschool is the involvement of family, friends and people from the wider community in the education provided by the Preschool.

Montessori education emphasizes links between preschool and home to support each child’s development. Research indicates that children perform better academically when their parents or guardians actively participate in the affairs of their schooling.

Opportunities for involvement in the preschool include:

  • Helping at working bees out of hours.
  • Helping to maintain and plant in the garden out of hours.
  • Helping with preparation of food, or special cooking.
  • Accompanying children on excursions.
  • Assisting children with special activities.
  • Running errands (including shopping).
  • Helping with special days or events.
  • Assisting with fundraising for projects.
  • Helping with holiday cleaning or out of hour’s maintenance.
  • Making furniture and educational equipment.
  • Becoming a member of Parents and Friends Group.
  • Becoming involved in long-term adult projects.
  • Helping with administrative tasks.

Everyone has different interests and skills. If you have something to offer that isn’t on the list above, let office staff know. Research shows children absorb the passion of others assisting in the development of personal interests. We ask that every family contribute in some way to empower all members of our community and claim ownership of their child’s education. It ensures that the preschool is providing the best possible educational environment for optimal experience and potential growth.