The Role of the Teacher

trThe function of the teacher is defined in wider terms than merely an imparter of knowledge. Rather the teacher is a director and facilitator of development. Children are given access to resources, equipment or experiences that are pertinent to their individual needs at any given time. This necessitates close observation of each child’s needs by the teacher, careful programming and recording of individual progress. In academic areas of the program this means lessons being given on a one on one basis or in very small groups of children whom are at the same point of readiness. An individual’s readiness, maturation, understanding and interest level will be taken into account before the child is introduced to something new in order to maximize the child’s chances of success.

The aim of the Preschool is to ensure that

  • There is diversity in skills and personal qualities amongst teaching staff.
  • Teachers are well qualified to meet the needs of each child.
  • Professional development of teachers is ongoing.
  • Staff appreciates and supports all of the Preschool’s key philosophies.
  • Abiding by all the Preschool’s Policies, guidelines and codes.

Team teaching is used to provide a high quality, balanced program that draws on the differing strengths of each teacher and allows each child to develop a relationship with more than one teacher. Specialist instructors are used to complement the skills of the teachers. At times, trained and cleared volunteers provide an additional resource for the child’s instruction.

The teachers are responsible for developing a physical environment, which will optimize learning opportunities for each child. Teachers use brief lessons to demonstrate important concepts and introduce the child to the activities of the garden and the classroom. Observations allow the teachers to assess each child’s educational needs and plan appropriate lessons or changes to the learning environment.

Teachers encourage the child to choose and direct their own work, whilst ensuring that each child follows a balanced program of educational activities and maintains progress in core skills such as literacy and numeracy.