The Method

Montessori education is a scientific education. 

Knowledge of childhood is its foundation. It is built on the discovered laws of development of the body and mind of the child. The environment must allow free development for the activity of the child if scientific education is to come into being. 

For the 3-6 year old class it means that according to the laws of development the senses take up the most prominent part each going through a period of intense development. 

methodNothing is in the mind that has not been in the senses therefore the degree of refinement of the mind depends on the degree of the development of the senses during their formative period. 

Montessori schools have a great variety of apparatus specially designed as a key to sense development. 

The mind cannot do anything with accumulated information unless it has a educated refined musculature at its disposal. All apparatus’s designed to also include all muscle and movement development each with a specific purpose. 

Children become masters of themselves and their wills are being developed through which obedience is being obtained. 

The child has no limit to the amount of knowledge they can absorb. We place all before them for the satisfaction of their mental appetite. The main condition for learning is interest and interest can only come from within. 

The liberty of the child ought to have as its limits the collective interest in the community in which they move. 

We must give complete freedom to the child to develop according to his natural laws of growth.

Quote Mrs. Duyker Founder of ‘Montessori School’ Kingsley WA 1997